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fun ideas: more robot farming drawings [ideas]

Yes so now that we've taken apart all of those robots, it's a good idea to figure out what to do with those parts we just stock-piled. I've been thinking, maybe converting chip into a farming robot right this second when it can't even walk at the moment isn't the greatest idea, and we have all these parts, and we need to do something with them maybe a farming robot isn't a bad idea.

Now this robot wouldn't be a commercial farming robot of course, thinking small, we make a small 2ftx2ft square robot with a decent sized robot arm on it and a large battery, and then we send it to water out current garden (at least around the patio) and all we ask it to do is two things, (1) we ask it to test the wetness of the soil, and if it's below a certain threshold we (2) water the plant a little.

The other thing we can try with this isn't even to setup something like this in the garden but to setup something like this downstairs in the basement as a robot farming experiment. We can plant some simple herbs down there and have the robot take care of them 24/7 and while that's happening we can compare our results to my mom's basil plants growing in the greenhouse outside.

The second plan might be a better one. But we can't just go off this crude drawing above, we need to make some solid plans/drawings for this robot. That means we have the following summer projects:

(1) this robot

(2) chip

(3) the research I'm doing for my lab

If we stick to these three projects we might actually be able to do some real work. Now we have to keep the cost of this robot, total, under $1,000 because farmbot as we saw is ~1500-1700 dollars.

So far:

(1) Jetson Nano ~100

(2) Wheel Kit ~130

(3) Servos ~80*6~480 --> we'll cut this down (we can make this like 4 with some mechanical finesse).

(4) Ardupilot ~400

ehhh.... not doing so well... but let's see what we can do since we have all the parts anyways. We aren't spending any money.

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