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So since I'm going to be home for the next few months, I'm thinking of making myself a work-bench/table that will let me be a little happier where I'm working. So I want it to be cheap and minimalist and simple. So here's what I'm thinking. I found this on Lowe's website: https://www.lowes.com/pd/EBCO-24-in-W-x-29-in-H-Steel-Saw-Horse-1-000-lb-Capacity/3073379

On one of the pages, was this! This is a picture of two saw-horses next to each other with a plywood bridge creating a work-bench and that gave me a really good idea for the kind of desk I'd want to have around. What if we took:

  • (2x) of these metal saw horses

  • (1x) 4x8x3/4" plywood (sanded common board)

  • Some misc hardware and screws

And built a table what would it look like? So we'd make the table itself 3ftx8ft because 4ft wide tables are kind of useless. That leaves us with and extra 1ftx4ft piece of wood so the question is what would we do with that. Here are a few ideas:

  • desk w/ a backsplash

  • desktop shelf

  • under-desk shelf

This is a desk with a backsplash - seems like a really useless waste of wood so I'd rather not with the backsplash desk?

One of my favorite designers of furniture is RH (Restoration Hardware) so I want to go take some design inspiration from them.

RH Modern has some nice stuff. And most of their designs involve under-desk shelves. But I'm imagining something like this with a shelf off from one side:

But this leaves (2x) 1ftx1ft pieces of wood left over and where would we put those because we don't want to put them on the back or the front of the shelf because that defeats the purpose of the open-ness of the design. Maybe we can make a 1ftx1ft shelf on the bottom?

Or maybe we want to do something like this: moveable/stackable mini shelves. Or maybe a different kind of under-desk shelving?

I like the idea of stackable mini cubes/mini tables on top of the table that look like these:

Like two of these per table and then we'll figure out what to do with the left over 1ftx1ft squares, maybe we'll make a small permanent shelf somewhere but we'll see. We have nice gold colored screws to go with the metal-wood design. I would've liked black ones but we aren't going to go get different screws for this project if we have a 700 pack of screws already. I might steal my brother's desk lamp since that fits more with the aesthetic. So what we're really looking at is something like this:

Very simple, and then instead of the box top it'll be a single piece of plywood for the top, and then there will be two box-like shelf companies for the desk (and possibly a third fixed one). Time to head over to lowes!

So the first step in making the tables was cutting off a foot from the 4ftx8ft slab of maple wood we picked up. We took a foot off (the long ways) and then placed it on two saw horses and then took two saw horses and placed them upside down on the top of the wood.

Found some nice screws that wouldn't go all the way through the table and would leave a nice smooth top but still hold the saw horses on.

Marked out 15-inches from the ends of the table as the location of the saw horses and then centered the horses along the width of the table at these 15 inch marks.

Lined up the sawhorses, drilled a tiny pilot hole and used an impact driver to drive them in and then the sawhorses were attached to the tables! (We did this four times of course, twice for each table).

The end result is an industrial looking, quite pretty table. And it's very simple and elegant. We're going to now organize the basement around these tables.

Voillaaaaaa this is the end-result of the organizing and the exciting part for me is that we wasted no wood. The extra wood that was cut off from the table went into two very nice little additions to the furniture.

First was this nice little desk organizer made of (3x) 1ftx1ft sections of the wooden plank that was cut off and screwed together with the wood screws left over from the greenhouse project.

And the second was this shelf! The shelf is made of the rest of the wood and features a movable divide, a clamp holder, two 3 foot main shelves, and a relatively sturdy construction for what we need!

Here are some more images of the final setup. This is much better than it was before, I want to place an old-pics in here for reference: https://www.adim.io/post/workspace-updates-fixing-up-the-basement-lab-from-a-few-years-ago-updates

The wood theme is much more elegant and homey for me at least, I was getting tired of sitting on a flimsy folding table all day!

Instructions to build tables coming soon!

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