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giving our drone some landing gear [updates]

So we have this drone which can't really fly yet because if it leans backwards there's no landing gear that stop the tail blades from scraping against the ground and breaking. We now have two sets of carbon fiber tail blades which means if we break this set that's on their right now, we only have one more chance before having to spend more money. Don't want to do that so... today I'm going to spend a hour making some rear landing gear and a tail guard that won't break.

So we started with three carbon fiber tubes and the first, long tube, will attach to the tail boom to make sure the rear fin does not hit the ground, it's responsible for stopping the helicopter from tipping back. I wasn't going to use the other two tubes at first.

So, very simply, the long tube got taped on the back to the boom and the boom supports. It's sturdy enough and the tape is strong enough where we're confident it'll stop the helicopter from tipping over.

But what I realized here, is that taping the long stick in this orientation makes the front landing gear very unhappy so we did this.

We took the fat tubes, stuck them under the landing gear up front, and taped them on. This gave the whole setup the right height and it stops the front landing gear from "flooping" outwards.

Here are some pictures of the final. Now that the landing gear are on we can start test flying this boi. I'll get a post up about specs and a brief rundown on how this thing was built at a later time. I just want to post here a pre-flight checklist just so I don't forget!

FlightOPS Checklist:


Here's the FlightOPS checklist of the platform. We'll go through it each time we fly. We need to remember the controls/etc and I'll review them before flying LOL. I also want to check the pitches on the gauges again! And we need to charge the batteries. Lots to do before first flight whenever that happens.

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