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hacking a roomba: part two [funsies]

Today in setting up a demo for MASLAB, we tried to test the Roomba's driving with the new speed controllers installed, a power supply, and an RC transmitter. The first thing we did was take the Roomba and solder the motor connections to the speed controller.

It was a pretty simple task, the speed controller looks like the one here. The blue and yellow wires go the the motor (the grey and white stripped wires we showed last time). And the red and the black wires go to the power supply.

We plugged a 12V power supply into the speed controller's black and red wires, and we soldered the blue and yellow to the motor +/- wires (the grey and white wires). Then the receiver plug went straight to the receiver. The motor controller (or ESC) should also power the receiver if plugged in correctly because this specific controller has a BEC or built-in receiver power supply (regulated). Detailed explanation here.

And now... we can move the motor/control the motor with an rc transmitter by simply moving the sticks. Try to plug the ESC signal wire into channel ONE for standard US, mode 2 radios, then you can push up for forward and down for backward on the right stick.

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