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happiness: a new lens for star photography!

So a fun package showed up today. I finally was able to get enough UROP money to get myself a star-photography lens because that's the kind of lens I've always wanted. Since I'll have time this summer I'll probably spend some of it working on my picture skills.

This is a HUGE lens, I mean it's the biggest lens I've ever owned. The angle on the lens is massive but I haven't gotten the chance to try it out just yet. Some things to remember are that this lens is a fully manual lens so the only thing that we can change from the camera is the ISO and the shutter-speed. The f-stop and the focus are both on the lens itself.

I'm going to try this lens out photographing the moon sometime when I have time. Class presentations tomorrow, finals coming up, labs due, cramming everything into this last week, yeet!

I mean look at it in the middle it takes up half the bag ... wow I'm excited to try him out. I've promised myself this is the last expensive thing I'm going to buy until at least summer 2021 since I've spent a lot on chip and this this year. Yea, we're done!

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