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hi updates: fun little project [updates]

So we have a lot of wood filament left over and I thought we'd try to do something useful since there's some things I need but haven't taken care of yet. The first thing I needed was a little case for my Jetson Nano because right now the thing is sitting and collecting dust (literally) and I want to make a nice little case for it that will allow me to do something with the Jetson. I also have this little monitor - 7in touch screen we want to make a stand for that that connects to the Jetson because that would be fun!

Here's what we came up with. This thing is three parts maybe four if we give it a base down there. But I think this is a cute and simple design with a little monitor on top and it makes it very easy to 3D print. We're going to go all the way down on the infill to like 25% because this is mostly decorative. You'll also notice the bolt holes for the attachment points.

But what I really want to do right now is brainstorm what fun things we can do with this Jetson because the Jetson is really good at ML because of its embedded CUDA GPU. And since it's a Linux computer it can connect to ROS! So in the future we could use this as a home-base for our robots but for now what could we do with it? Now this isn't the final design we might add things we might change things but this is the initial, simplest idea we had for something like this.

We have to think of something we'd actually use.

  • It could just be a greeting/conversation robot. Something that talks back to you in a sarcastic voice and something with a swiveling base that follows you around and when you look at it it smiles. That's a good start.

  • Because really I want to see if we can make the robot have a cute face. Honestly, I'm fine with it just being cute.

  • It could be an emoji robot depending on the mood it chooses a different emoji when you look at it.

  • Maybe it can recognize and respond to your emotions?

  • https://towardsdatascience.com/face-detection-recognition-and-emotion-detection-in-8-lines-of-code-b2ce32d4d5de

It might also be cool if we could plug it into a 3D printer and it could tell us when our print was failing ... that would be ideal...

I also wonder if we can't make it a photographer's buddy:

Okay so I think this one is really what we are looking for: https://magiclantern.fandom.com/wiki/Remote_control_with_PTP_and_Python

This is a cool PTP/Python control of SLR cameras you can set everything from White Balance/ etc. We're going to have some fun with this!

I don't know I guess we will see where this goes :)

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