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home robot updates: I think we've found a design? [updates]

So here's the thing with a home robot. As we said a long time ago it needs to do a bunch of things for it to be useful. And on top of that, it can't be very intrusive into the home. Chip is great for fun right now but while we're getting chip to work and other things are happening, I want to try (since I have time), a new home robot design I was thinking of.

So what if we made a home robot that, (a) could do a few different things, while (b) not being so intrusive to the home. What if we made a home robot that worked like a robot and became a side-table when you didn't need it.

Here are some drawings but if we combine all three ideas together. What do we get? A small, u-shaped table robot, that has a robot arm underneath, that can go around doing chores. At least, let's start with taking care of plants and some other simple things you know.

Let's see where we get with this thing it might be worth something.

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