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Hello everyone and welcome to built-by-nerds. This is the first post I’ll be writing and it’s just mostly going to go over in small sentences how this blog works.

first - the blog is not for profit in any way, it is not for advertising. It is for sharing creations, opinions, and ideas!

second - this blog has four categories let’s break them down.

maker projects - here’s where we all part of built-by-nerds will post things we’ve built wether they worked or not. It serves as a log so we may look back upon what we have built in the past and learn from it. Failures and successes are both opportunities to learn by but arguably failure more than success and that’s why we post both things that worked and things that didn’t. This category also serves as an instructions and inspiration area for you for your own projects.

helpful setups - while we make our projects that we post here, we notice a lot of things. Things like how best to clamp and cut materials, how best to setup an Ardupilot for a specific type of flight, how best to send serial commands to an arduino. This section serves as a tips and tricks spot for things we have learned!

reviews - we do product reviews but only of things we put in our projects. If we use a specific type of controller in our latest robot, or a camera for filming a video, or a tool for fixing something, here we break down it’s pros and cons based on our experiences. fairly.

misc - finally we just have things we posted because we thought they were worth sharing! Other cool projects by other makers, amazing videos we saw, news, and other updates!

we hope you enjoy our blog, and do us a favor, PLEASE TRY WHAT YOU SEE HERE AT HOME.

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