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How to use Falcon 500 with Not Roborios [updates]

Non-roboRIO Support

First is using Phoenix with a non-roboRIO platform.

We have documentation and an example on using Phoenix with linux platforms.  We do support the Jetson Nano (and TX2), but not the TX1.

Documentation with list of supported platforms: https://phoenix-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ch06b_PrepLinuxRobot.html

Example project: https://github.com/CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix-Linux-SocketCAN-Example

Note that for these platforms you'll need a third-party CAN device that supports the socketCAN interface.  We recommend the CANable: https://canable.io/

This will get you to the point of using our standard Phoenix libraries (API is identical to FRC C++) to control SRX/Victor/FX(Falcon) with another platform.


The second piece is then integration with ROS.

About a year ago we put together an ROS package in a github repo... https://github.com/ozrien/ctre_ros It's not maintained regularly as we don't staff a dedicated ROS expert, but I suspect there is enough in the repos to get started. Essentially all we did was link our device library Phoenix into an ROS wrapper.   This package is derivative work from a first-attempt ROS package done by a robotics teams called the Zebracorns... https://github.com/rgreenblatt/ROS_CTRE You might want to check out some of their documentation as they regularly use ROS with various CTRE products. https://team900.org/labs/ Looking at a serach for "ros" and "talonsrx" on github, developers have also taken the same approach (linking to Phoenix routines in a CAN node). Since TalonSRX has been around longer than TalonFX, I would search for that first.  TalonSRX will work with Falcon, you just can't set the stator current limit using TalonSRX API (at which point you can replace the TalonSRX with TalonFX and recompile).  https://github.com/NovaRoverTeam/core_rover https://github.com/clubcapra/takin https://github.com/FRC-1721/pre2020season/blob/3c063a005fe72e72d0561fd5ab2f4820c1016408/src/main/java/frc/robot/subsystems/ROS.java https://github.com/JakeAllison/FRC-ROS https://github.com/jtdevs/ros_talon TalonSRX vs TalonFX (Falcon) - Software Class Both the linux example and the ROS example uses TalonSRX instead of TalonFX, but replacing the class name for TalonFX should be trivial.     I recommend compiling it as is, as the TalonSRX class can be used with Falcons (and provides most but not all of the functionality of the Falcon). Once you verify your setup is working then you would update the Phoenix library binaries to the latest and modify the source by replacing TalonSRX with TalonFX.

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