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ideas: octopus muscle inspired actuator? [ideas]

So I was looking online today while not studying for the bio exam (oops). Or I should say while studying for bio II got side tracked by octopus muscles, but just LOOK at them!

There are three MAIN muscle groups in an octopus arm. The (L) or longitudinal muscles, the (T) or transverse muscles, and the (O) or the oblique muscles. I want to know what each do.

So this is interesting, found this online here: https://spectrum.ieee.org/robotics/robotics-hardware/robot-octopus-points-the-way-to-soft-robotics-with-eight-wiggly-arms

That the (L) muscles contract and the arm gets shorter, and if the (T) muscles contract the arm gets longer. However, these aren't the movements I'm particularly interested in.

Now imagine a robotic shoulder joint - air powered right - that could rotate in the axial direction but also the transverse direction. TWO movements in a single actuator which would make the mechanical design of robot dogs and many systems A LOT simpler. And it would make the entire system MUCH lighter and more efficient because it relies on AIR pumping NOT electrical systems.

When I find access to a form labs printer I think I might spend an evening trying to make this thing and seeing where it goes.

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