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interesting kits on the market: arduino opla IoT kit [review-ish?]

So we did another little impulse buy here, LAST ONE PROMISE. I've actually promised myself this time on the impulse buys. But here it is: https://store.arduino.cc/usa/opla-iot-kit

This is the Arduino "Opla" IoT kit and the reason I got it is because it kind of looks like a Nest thermostat (which ever since I say I've always wanted my own little "circle" that controls everything in my life like a JARVIS). The problem is I never found a nice enough package for one until now. I'm thinking of using this thing as the starting point. Here are a few more pictures from when we first took it out of the box:

The Opla IoT Kit comes with the following important accessories:

It costs ~114USD and frankly it's not bad for the price. I love the MKR WiFi 1010 it's my new favorite arduino board frankly because of all the little tidbits it has on it. Plus, it has WiFi!!! Who doesn't want WiFi?

So as a little "first project" here I'm going to try to make a WiFi clock that takes the time from the internet so I never actually have to set it. I also want it to display the date for me. The reason I'm starting w/ a simple clock instead of a full-out IoT project right now is because when I move back to campus, I don't want to take my current ugly clock with me, I just want to take the desk lamp I've been working on. I'm planning to mount this little guy to the lamp's back wall. So let's try making that clock before getting into any IoT projects. We're basically following this tutorial: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/WiFiRTC.

The only things we added to this code is code to update the display every time the "minute" changes and a little bit of formatting.

Here's the finished product with the case on, telling the time, w/ and AM/PM feature, and the date in the bottom. I didn't add the month or the year because most of the time we know what the month and year are XD. This keeps the GUI a little cleaner.

This is a really nice little kit with a lot of possibilities! I'm not going to go in-depth in this thing right now because we're going to be doing a lot with it over the next two or three weeks!

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