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interesting robotics controllers? [cool things]

So I was browsing online because yesterday I saw a really cool xBox controller with so many buttons I thought would be really interesting for robots. And I came across a few others I thought I'd put here so I can remember them in the future if I ever get the money or the enthusiasm to get them. I'm sticking with the xbox controller for now because, like most of the robotics community, I just need something that works for testing and I don't have that many buttons on chip! But here are some interesting controllers.

Xbox Wireless Elite:

This thing is not only kind of insane looking, it was rated the number one PC game controller (I have no idea what that means for people who aren't gamers but it could mean something).

I came across this and first was taken aback by the D-Pad in front. It was circular and designed which is different from the usual + sign thing all controllers give us. So I decided to click on it and then I came cross a back view which has 6 switch positions over two switches and 4 buttons just on the back. It also looks pretty cool in the night-black color scheme and such. You know a gaming controller is serious when it comes with its own case. I'd never buy one for 180 dollars each - I don't know who in robotics would need this but it's a cool thing.

Logitech Adaptive/XBox Adaptive:

This is the Logitech Adaptive gaming kit for the xBox adaptive controller. And before today I didn't know something like this existed but I'm glad it does. Xbox adaptive is designed specifically for people with disabilities to allow them to play xbox in the way that's most comfortable for them. Which means I really love this.

It also produces a really interesting platform for development because now you can arrange buttons and triggers and joysticks anyway you want with the velcro pads. Again, just a cool controller that could be interesting to try out. I wonder what we could do with it (not even just for robotics what could we do for disabled people in general that uses this kind of technology).

Logitech Farming??? (yes. you heard right):

Full Disclosure, I didn't even know there were xBox farming games let alone the fact that farming games seem to be so popular Logitech has managed to make a whole farming gaming line.

But this think is pretty cool. It has buttons, switches, a variable dial, and a joystick with two more buttons on it. It's designed to simulate heavy equipment controllers on tractors. I wonder if it would works with ROS Joy Node so we could get inputs from all these buttons and switches and axis. Too expensive to consider for anything - but noteworthy.

Nvidia Shield Gaming System:

This one I saw so long ago and it's a shame it's no longer around. This is the Nvidia Shield portable and it's basically and android gaming tablet with an xbox controller attached to it using a hinge.

I always found this cool because it has a screen. For robots that would be ideal because we could use a website/app to stream camera footage to the shield's screen and control the robot from the shield at the same time. Alas, this thing is no longer sold and it was probably too expensive to consider anyways if all we wanted to do was stream video.

Oculus Rift S/3/R (whatever):

Oculus was big when it first came out and ever since then they've been making advances in both VR and AR. Their latest combines the headset and the hand-things to give you a really immersive gaming experience.

But what about as a robotics controller? Turning your head turns the robot. Using the hand joysticks moves it forwards, backwards, side to side? Just like in a game. 3D immersive robot control from FPV (first-person-view)? That would be awesome.

Always these are just keepsakes, I don't know if I'll want to spend the money to try any of these things anytime soon. They aren't exactly practical buys unless we're really doing good for the world.

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