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lab updates: finishing touches [updates]

So we needed some final final additions to the new basement lab. Some aesthetic, some functional. Since we wanted to keep the space separated from the rest of the basement (not just for aesthetic purposes, for some safety as well when guests are over and so my dad can have his side of the basement), we started with a main boundary using the 80grit grip tape yellow/black.

Here's the "main entrance" to our little lab, with the sign hanging above the entrance.

As soon as you "step in" to the lab you have experiment area 1 blocked off right in front of you and then next to it a "NO ENTRY" sign as we lead onto the newest addition - the robot testing platform.

Here's the newest addition, the robot testing platform. The platform is made of 24"x24" black foam tiles - 16x of them. It's made of two rectangles, a horizontal 2x3 rectangle connecting to a vertical 2x5 rectangle. Grip tape lines the perimeter.

The smaller rectangle is the testing platform where we're storing the power supply and we can do tests with robots that don't need much space (like standing and sitting and balance tests, etc).

The long rectangle that runs in-between the tables is called the robot runway. This is for when we need even more space to test robots, especially in a straight line. Like if we're testing walking forward or something like that. Since the tiles are foam and have a grip pattern on the surface, the entire platform is a very high-grip testing area. This simulates most outdoor grip situations such as dirt or the road for heavier robots.

Now here's an image of the runway, and the building area/test area 2. Nothing's really changed over here.

The last thing we did was place a very similar yellow barrier on the other side. This blocks off not just the radiator but the very long portion of the "lab" that's left exposed to the rest of the basement. This was important since there's a "machining area" in front of the furnace and it helps create a visual marker for safety.

This really allows my brother and I to stay in a contained space and not start spreading our junk all over the basement :)

Anyways, those are the final additions to the lab, and now we're just going to be working in it for the rest of the summer! All the fancy equipment - a big thank you goes to EB robotics :)

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