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lab updates: got some glass markers and we're going to decorate! [funsies]

So as you know, we're putting together a 10th floor of Simmons Robotics Lab. We have a shop crane so far, a power supply, and so on. We bought some glass markers now and we want to decorate the place!

Yes, glass markers yay!!! So we obviously want to name the lab maybe 10B Robotics Lab or something else... let's talk with the crew and see. It'll probably just stay as the 10B Robotics Lab. But of course we need to draw some things on the lab. The classic BB8, R2D2, and we need some other movie robots, and of course, a robotics lab logo.

This is what the place looks like so far. Hopefully we'll have better pictures as better decorations show up you know. But for the next few weeks we will use this place as the workspace for the ChipV2.0 project until the dog walks or until MIT Division of Student Life kicks us out.

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