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lab updates: setting up the jetson computer with its WiFi and Bluetooth [updates]

So as we said a few weeks ago, we have this Nvidia Jetson Nano and we've been trying to get it to act as a workstation so we don't always need the laptop when we're down here. But the problem is we don't have WiFi or Bluetooth on it so it's hard to set up. So why don't we get to it: https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2019/04/08/jetson-nano-intel-wifi-and-bluetooth/

Following this tutorial exactly, we installed the card and now it's time to build the setup itself.

So we did a few things. First, we installed the wifi card. Second, we setup the bluetooth with the craft keyboard and the mouse. Now (1) on the keyboard is the desktop, (2) is my MacBook, and (3) is CHIP itself. Same on the mouse so we don't get confused. Now to connect to WiFi. - and check!

Now what can we use this station for? Well we can install ROS and use it as a remote computer to the robot, we can use chromium to run WebViz as well! Either way we have a stand-alone Nvidia development computer now. All we need to do is install ROS. Let's do that now... we're just following the Jetson-hacks install script for ROS.

And we're done! remote computer setup.

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