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looking through old websites I made, I found something [hmmm]

So I was looking through my old websites on wax, where I used to post ideas and things, and when I had an idea I made a website for it. Here's what I found.

Apparently I came up with some idea a long time ago called "strawberries of change" a nonprofit that would use technology to help people in developing nations/the world. I want to bring this idea back. And the branding color I want to try this time is rose gold: #b76e79

Let's try doing something with this. The home page of this nonprofit would be some information about us, and a blog which just writes about the issues we're trying to solve. Then the other pass would simply focus on our projects and how people can get involved.


--> with a blog

-->--> news stories

-->--> our projects/updates

-->--> what you can do

Projects page

--> with our projects and their progress

Get involved page

--> describing what you can do

Here's the new logo of Strawberries of Change with the rose gold color and the green as #407C51. So now we can get to making the website actually good.

Yes, it's a nonprofit that works to solve simple problems people have by using technology. This is something I want to do someday.


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