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making some apple things in my free time [fun projects]

So if I ever have any free time whatsoever, I kind of want to improve my machining skills. I can't do this sooo much on Solar Car because we need to give the freshman a chance to machine things. What I want to do, then, is do this on my own time, maybe Friday nights when I'm not doing anything. I want to learn to machine things that look professional, packaging and parts and etc.

Apple's new Mac Pro 2019 is undeniably beautiful. Maybe I can try machining something like this. At the very least, that front face. Maybe start with wood and then go to aluminum and we care about things like the final finish as well. I found the CAD for this on: https://grabcad.com/library/mac-pro-2019-1

And while I need to improve my CAD skills as well, machining is nice to know. One thing at a time I guess. I think I want to try just machining that front face, get some ideas from professors on campus and really learn to machine precision parts on something like a HASS.

Anyways, that's just an idea. We'll look into it when we have more band-width.

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