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my version of the lightcycle lamp - [fun projects]

So today I realized it might be nice to have a new desk lamp. My old desk lamp isn't bad he just isn't really convenient. He only lights a small corner of the desk because the desk I have is pretty big. I also didn't want to like buy another light or anything, kinda want to use what is laying around the house already. The thing is I wanted the light to be pretty so I went looking for interesting designs online and came across this:


This thing is Dyson's answer to the "desk lamp" and for those of you that know Dyson, they tend to take the ordinary and make it, well... different. But I really like this desk lamp design. It's really unique and very easy to adjust. It covers a nice workspace and looks great. The other reason I like it is because... look what we have lying around from the old Pathfinder Robot.

Those look like two things we could use to build this fancy double x-rail system. And if we put the whole thing on a turn-table or something (or not we can just spin it) we have a pretty cool little light that we made ourselves out of things that were gathering dust anyways.

We stared by taking the two carriages, one that was on each of the rail and then attaching them together with screws. We already had pullies on them from the pathfinder robot so we just left them as they could be useful.

The initial rail was looking pretty cool (little big but no worries it's a big desk). Now we just need to find a way to keep the rail in one place in the up-down (z) direction. The thing is these rails slide really well so friction won't do it.

Here's a little scheme that involved passing the rope through a pully on the vertical carriage. Now we can tie this guy up and use the adjustments on the rope to control the vertical position. Note the end-caps that were on these rails from servo city have really nice "slots" that stop the rope from moving around.

The slack at the end of the rope was a little annoying so we took one of those "slid-y screws" that x-rails use, put it in the x-rail and let it slide up and down on the rail. Then we tied the rope around it as a nice way to control its length.

The x-rail part of it was done but we needed something that made the system stand. We didn't want to build some complicated base for it, we wanted to use what we had lying around and we found just the thing...

Remember that square "shelf" we made with the excess table wood? https://www.adim.io/post/fun-table-project-design-and-build-design-projects this will make the perfect "base" for the lamp because we can store things on it and it will support the lamp. It's a nice all-in-one design.

We used those brass colored 3" wood screws we used for the table, and the greenhouse. Really sturdy and they give a nice look.

Here's just the vertical section. It's starting to look really nice actually. The lamp is coming together!

And here it is with the second rail! Now all we need to do is add a light on the end so we need to go digging around the basement for that... or we need something like this: https://www.amazon.com/ZOOSSI-Pendant-Hanging-Industrial-Farmhouse/dp/B07XBRH6MX/ref=sr_1_26?crid=3FU6GYGK8AGD5&dchild=1&keywords=hanging+lights+with+plug+in+cord&qid=1610051189&sprefix=hanging+light+with+plug+in+cord%2Caps%2C-1&sr=8-26

Sorry, before we did that we want to add a little lazy Susan on that because it helps us turn the frame really nicely. So what we're going to do is add that and then we'll get the pendant light thing!

Here's the full range of motion for our lamp. He's looking really cute and also really useful. It'll be fun to get a pendant light on the end of this and to get a vintage looking bulb :)))

Now onto the light itself!!!!! We ended up with the following:

Now onto the actual assembly and it's fairly easy here too, there's some hooks and things included with the lighting fixture above!

All we do is hang the light on the end of the hook, thread the chord through the carriage sliders. We then used a little velcro to hold the chord on in certain places.

And voila :) we have a nice pretty desk lamp, easily adjustable, and etc!

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