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Oleksandr Stepanenko: ok this dude's work is super cool [thingies]

Before I really do a lot of talking just watch this video, this guy named Oleksandr Stepanenko has an awesome YouTube channel:

He has all kinds of wild robots that are not only beautiful and gorgeous but are really creative as well! He has this tag line like...

  • "Creativity, inspiration, intuition - things that elevate an engineering project to the level of Art. There are no unimportant details, no compromises, everything matters: style, music, lighting - it's all about engineering."

It's really beautiful work here are some of his other creations!

(1) his own actuator design w/ steppers + linear motion system!

(2) Here's a really creative cartesian robot design!

(3) This is another cool 3-Parallel Linkage robot platform!

This work is really cool and really inspiring actually, it's like a combination of videography, design, and just beautifully simple engineering.


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