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ONE new project now that I'm home - say hello to chilipepper [updates]

This, is chili-pepper.

Chili-pepper is a drone that was supposed to be made for the MIT Solar Car team's media crew for filming the car doing the race and etc. Until two things happened. (1) it never was a priority and I ran out of time and (2) I realized that being on solar car meant I should be building the car and not a drone. I got way too excited on this one.

Since freshman fall, Chili-pepper has been sitting at home collecting dust in New Jersey. Over December of 2019 I put some time into the platform trying to get it to hover and such and we almost got there until I broke the tail blades. I didn't have time before I had to go back to campus to order new tail blades and fix it, so he sat some more.

But now that I'm home for the foreseeable future, I really want to make something out of it that's useful, and learn to fly a single blade helicopter/etc. I'll either be using it as an aerial film/photo platform, or for some form of data collection - maybe help my mom with her GIS/Urban Planning projects which would be cool.

Anyways, this is chili-pepper, he says "nice to meet you."

Also emphasis on the ONE new project, I don't want to overload myself here. This project will not be a priority in documentation or anything. Just for fun!

#drones #helicopter #aerial_data #agriculture #GIS #data_collection

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