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one stabilizer: adi can't read... [updates]

Well no surprise there, I still need to learn to read because the spool on amazon says "1kg" not "2.2kgs" which is "1kg 2.2lbs." Sooooooo I read the lbs as kgs anyways. So here's the thing. We can't print this in one spool - and frankly that makes more sense but it did give me an idea to add some pizzaz to the design. Maybe let's 3D print the handles out of wood???

That actually doesn't look bad at al land fusion 360's rendering textures (since I'm on the student license) are pretty terrible so in real life it'll likely look and feel better. This is good because the handles will feel more comfortable and the carbon filament in the rest of the frame will be a little springier and absorb the impacts the stabilizer may have to take. I like this plan better.

Now this will be the first "release" on the makerspace page of the website (after we go through significant testing of course). But let's talk about the design of that page very quickly.

So we want the makerspace page to feel a little different because that's the page that's really not for me, that page is really for others because that's the page where the open-source documentation and projects go. The projects that have been tested enough where we can confidently share them and believe that others can follow along with the documentation and re-create the projects. Because of that, of course, there won't be many things on that page.

So here's what we're thinking for that design. The design of the page will be really simple, and consist of a sort of apple "app" icon feel but not really. There will be large boxed I'm calling "widgets" that display information about the released projects. There will be a picture, a description box, a box that shows you what materials you need to make it, a box where you can download the instructions to make it, and maybe a few boxes that tell you things like, how hard is it to make, how much time, how expensive? Or maybe that'll go in the information box.

All projects worth sharing the files to will be put up over here. That includes projects small to large and anyone who wants to make one of them can download all the files free of cost. I'll likely put these things on thingverse as well or something.

Now we've added some animations and the tabs that allow us to display the key project information. We'll probably put actual numbers instead of the descriptors that are there right now. Like actual cost/price and a scale using the maker movements ratings of 1-5. That's something we'll implement as well.

But the bottom line is this is how it will look besides having real picture of the product instead of a fake picture/render. Excited to get started on this build!

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