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one stabilizer: preparing the models for printing [updates]

So I'm just going to spend an hour now getting the models ready for printing. That just means setting the settings and slicing them and we're using the following settings.

  • BRIM

  • 200C NT

  • 70C BPT


  • 0.28mm LH

First set: ~358g of filament for the pieces for the camera carrier (with a few pieces missing).

Second set: ~157g of filament for the rest of the pieces for the camera carrier.

Third print: ~200g for the lower arm right.

Fourth print: ~359g for the upper arm.

Fifth print: ~235g for the lower arm left.

Sixth print: ~153g for the head.

Seventh print: ~143g for the feet.

Eight print: 291g for the upper frame components.

Ninth print: 291g for the lower frame components.

So in total: 358+157+200+359+235+153+143+291+291=2187g, so we barely just have enough filament and we might very well run out. Which means to me we'll need to prioritize the order in which we print these things. We have a 2.2kgs spool that's 200g which is exactly enough to print this structure LOL.

We'll decide if this is worth it all in the morning but I think we'll have enough filament and we'll end up with something that looks very much like a RONIN 2.

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