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one stabilizer: starting to print things!!!!!!!! [updates]

So the filament is FINALLY HERE! So we can get started on printing the things. There's a few things to print but we're going to go int the following order:

(1) the carrier

(2) the lower arms

(3) the upper arms

(4) the head

(5) the upper frame

(6) the lower frame

(7) the feet

Depending on how this thing is printing we might slow the print speed from 80-50mm/s but we shall see PLA is much better than ABS. And the build plate we're heating to 70C. So why are we going in this order? Because we don't have so so so much filament to spend on this and what we want to do is essentially print the most important parts first without wasting too much. This way that's what we get to do.

Observations while printing: the speed is fine, but the nozzle is getting a little upset so we increased the temperature to 220C that's probably because there are fibers in the filament:

It looks a little weird initially, but I think that's just the printer getting into its flow. Soon it'll be okay I think. This is also the largest print I've done with this printer so it'll be a good test of its durability. ~26hrs of print here.

I do have a serious complaint. This printer uses really dumb binder clips to hold the build plate on, and initially I didn't think they'd interfere with the print but they really do which is super annoying. So something I'll need to fix at some point but not now.

In the meantime I want to do a few things. First, I want to setup the camera we're using with the microphone and to film some scenes without the stabilizer for a reference (not on a tripod) so we can see how like un-stable it is without a stabilizer and that'll determine if this project is actually useful or not. IF it isn't we'll turn it into a greeting robot or something. Maybe we'll do both. We have an LCD the right size - actually that's not a bad idea LOL!

But yes let's also setup this camera and film some test-shots first.

So this is a rapid moving shot around a tree and for shots like this we can't use our hands but the little bumps should be filtered out with large stabilizer. And the larger the stabilizer and the more heavy, the less are the chance that small up-down motions side to side motions, and rotations will be captured.

This is an even simpler shot of going around an iPhone from the air. Even something like this it's very difficult to get without a stabilizer. It isn't shaky video like the above one, but it's not as smooth as we want it to be. The stabilizer we can control the speed at least or at least have that speed be constant.

WE'll check back on these prints in a few hours right now is just way too early to tell - but build plate adhesion and layering is really good at the moment.

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