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one stabilizer updates: a whole new design because the old one was too unaesthetic [updates]

See the thing with the old design was It was not very efficient or optimal and it wasn't really designed. We're going to create a new design that's a lot more intelligent and has less parts to design but a little more assembly. And it should transfer forces better and be more rigid.

But first a note on tolerances for 3D prints: https://shop3dchimera.com/blogs/news/3d-printing-tolerances-fits

So we're looking at 5-thou of tolerance. Which is about 0.127 mm! So that's pretty good. That's for a tight fit. I think we're going to go with a normal fit (0.127mm on each side) so we can actually get some Loc-Tite in the crack and glue the parts together.

And after adding some rods, angles, and plates... we came up with this. The best part about this design is there are three parts that have been assembled into a frame and those parts can also be re-used for the rest of the gimbal if we so desire.

This system just looks a lot better and it can be made very easily as well. We print 8 bars and 8 L's, and we print three blocks and the whole thing just slides together and gets glued. We'll have to be careful with the dimensions. A smart thing to do would've been to add TABS to the bars so it can be assembled easier but we don't want to limit users ability to move the blocks where they want/need. Now it's time to think about the lower arm set that holds the servo and mounting points for the camera carrier itself. The carrier is now a simple 260mmx260mm box and we want full pan-tilt control meaning the camera gets to spin around completely. So that means the distance from the hole where the camera gets mounted to the pint where we start curing the arms needs to be roughly 260/2mm = 130mm.

Now this design lets the camera swivel all the degrees it wants and at the same time leaves room for things like the microphone and other camera accessories including lights and stuff. Remember we're trying to make this thing useful. We could've also saved material by making it all out of the bars and the angles but it might not be as strong.

Now we add in that vertical upper-arm that holds the servo that holds the whole rest of the assembly together. This all will hang from the control structure which will house the ardupilot as well as the batteries. The grips will also be placed up there. The only things left are, that very upper control box, and the frame that goes around the whole structure.

So now we have a unit that is in total, about, 360mm wide by 360mm high. We need to design two more components, a frame that goes around this, and a hat for the top to hold the ardupilot as well as the other control electronics and power electronics.

So we've now added the head. It's a very simple structure it doesn't necessarily have to be that complicated. It holds the head servo and the pixhawk 2.1! The batteries are then going to go on the arms we're about to design and then we'll be ready to go with the stabilizer for printing!

So here's the finished stabilization system. It's a pretty big boy and we may edit some of the dimensions, but overall it's looking really good! I don't know how much 3D printing it will take to make this. I assume a lot of filament hopefully the one spool we have is enough - otherwise I think we'll just simplify the design maybe to a hand-held stabilizer or something. But either-way ta-da! It's looking good. There's no distinct battery mount because we'll just strap the batteries to the frame itself. Now I want to play with some rendering!

Now the only last things to do are download a RED Camera CAD and see how the design looks with one of those :))). Why? Well because RED cameras are like the best of the best as far as filming goes these days and we just wanna see how it'd look in our gimbal.

Yeeeeeeeee niceeeeeee it looks good. So from tomorrow we'll start thinking about getting parts printed and seeing if we have enough filament and such. At the very least we should be able to get the actual stabilizer printed if not with the large ring-holder.

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