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one stabilizer updates: let's calculate some filament [updates]

While we're at it - we might as well import some large part into CURA and see how much that'll take to print. Now that we've exported all of the STLs. We're going to slice the STL with the "low-quality 0.28mm layer height setting."

So this one piece ends up with 180g of filament estimated at 20% infill and we have a 2.2kgs spool. At that rate we can print 27.5 of these parts (which is much much more than what we'd need for the whole stabilizer by my estimates. We can keep such a low infill mostly because since the parts are thick the strength isn't dependent so much on the infill. So keeping them at low infill leaves them light and it allows us to not waste filament.

Now we're really good to go.

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