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ooohhh: unboxing RealSense T265 and first impressions! [reviews and unboxings]

mmmmmm, technology... yum

So something exciting showed up today! The Intel RealSense T265 Tracking Camera for robotics! We're planning to use the RealSense for scout for environment mapping and localization in indoor environments at a later point. This post probably isn't going to run any software and etc, don't worry we will get a tutorial/analysis up on that at some point. Today is just going to be a quick unboxing, see what you get in the T265, and very initial first impressions! So let's just pop open the box!

So in the box you get a very nice USB Cable, a pretty standard quick-start guide which tells you, essentially, how to use the USB cable that comes with it to connect it to your computer. It also tells you to go to RealSense.intel.com/getting-started. Then there's the party-piece, the camera itself. And first thing to point out, it's SMALL.

Here's my hand for reference with the intel camera. It really fits in the palm of your hand. The build quality is very nice. All aluminum case (from what I can feel). According the the T265 webpage: https://www.intelrealsense.com/tracking-camera-t265/, the camera contains a whole host of features such as two fisheye cameras and on-board visual SLAM. We will see how well it works in another post. Overall very nice looking and I'm excited to use it! We're going to go through specs, and actual performance in another post because we don't have the time right now :(

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