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OpenVS github + website [updates]

So today I also want to start setting up OpenVS publicly because it's useful to do so. Here's what we're going to do.

First, we went on the MIT Solar Car GitHub and made a repository: https://github.mit.edu/MIT-SEVT/openvs and here's where we'll put all of our code for the OpenVS system. But the reason we're doing this on GitHub is because (a) it's code but also because we found this great website!

We've already set everything up with a live website with GitHub Pages and everything. It's time to actually develop the site a little!

We have to learn how to use this a little bit through so let's start looking through the docsify docs and start creating things. We'll edit directly on GitHub for now because it'll just be easier.

And here's some more of it coming along! We're using this for md references: https://wordpress.com/support/markdown-quick-reference/


Okay so after around 2 hours of just typing here's what we ended up with. It's actually a really nice set of docs that we'll keep adding to!

We've also added a few new features to the site which are...

  • Search bar + search results

  • Installation page + instructions

  • And we'll be doing things like updating the theme and making a logo

As the project progresses we will start to do more with OpenVS and things.

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