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other updates: taking apart all the old robots :( [updates]

Full disclosure, I've spent a not-insignificant amount of money on robots over the past year (yes it was worth it but enough is enough). Kinda need to stop blowing money on parts we may or may not have.

There's at least three robots in the basement one of which is the RETAKE robot made in 2018 for the FRC Steamworks Competition (as a throwback to. the 2016/17 competition).

The next one is the remains of the pathfinder robot, remember one of the first posts made and in-general it was a decent robot but it's just collecting dust at the moment. The third is chip one because he's old and he never worked anyways no matter how much we learned from him and the last one is an attempted two-wheel balance robot which never progressed beyond a drive-base.

See? Robots that are too old or don't have a use anymore, we'll re-purpose the electrics because the stuff in the robots are really really good!

So after a morning and an afternoon this is what we got:

That's (8x) giant scale servos, (2x) high power motor controllers, (2x) gear motor and wheels and encoder breakout board, a bunch of misc power electronics, (2x) omni wheels with mounts, (2x) large 8" pneumatic wheels with motor gears and mounts, a few servos, a lot of things actually. There's also some random mechanical parts.

But yea, that's that :( bye bye to those robots.

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