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practicing design: let's actually do math to make the frame [updates]

So we're going to start some hand-calc to make this design a lot better after we have identified some trouble spots in the FEA.

These are the places of max displacement so we want to do some hand calculations there to really see what's going on. When we did the hand calculation for the rocket-holding frames we found something interesting, that all the lower bars were doing absolutely nothing.


(1) We want the rockets below the storage area of the craft/the robot. We don't want any chance of the robot being caught in rocket wash during the descent phase.

(2) We want the frame to be as light as possible, and we want to make it easy to build.

(3) So all bars in the frame need to be semi-essential we want redundancy but not too much redundancy right.

So I think we need to get a little more creative... that's what we'll do sometime later after thinking for a bit.


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