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project updates: a new fun idea? [updates]

Yea so, you know I've been looking for something to do with all the extra robot parts I have, and then I was thinking this morning, what if there was something I could do. Something that helps the environment while also helping other people.

This is felfil which is an open-source 3D pinter filament extruder that can take all types of plastic into its little top unit and create 3D printer filament out of it.

Those are just some of the real cool projects that have come out of this 3D printer extrusion system so the device is very clearly robust and such. So today we're going to think about designs for a robot that can collect plastic trash, and then create 3D printer filament out of it.

We're probably not going to do a full mechanical design before we create a prototype. But we will do a full mechanical and electrical design for this thing. And I'll show my old PI in the City Science Group once I'm done with it partially.

Some key specs:

(1) it will be solar powered

(2) it'll only take in plastic bottles and then grind them to very tiny flakes/shred them

(3) it'll pass them into an extrusion system like the felfil

(4) it'll extrude it into 3D printer filament and collect it in a box on a spool

For now, until we decide what to do with that filament once its been collected. We will start without the whole thing being solar powered though. It's easiest that way. Later additions can be robots that go pick up the plastic bottles from the ground and then thrown them into the trash can.

Yes so we've made an open-source trash can that creates 3D printer filament. We'll see where we go with this after a little more research (in-fact a lot more research).

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