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recycling robot updates: a prototype if we really want to try this? [updates]

So if we really, really want to make this work. We have the materials at home to slap together a quick prototype with a few additions. So the few additions are like the auger, the nichrome wire driver.

So there's not actually a lot on this list. Some nichrome wire, Kapton Tape, thermistors, some mechanical parts and the auger itself, there's a relay that isn't visible in the picture but we'd need. The only thing in there we don't explicitly need to create a prototype extruder is the 3D printer itself. We'd need that to test out the filament, but not necessarily to make a full prototype that could extrude printer filament. There's also a power supply (12.5A) we'd need to make this work but maybe we can find one lying around. We also need some carbide drill bits to make holes in the iron caps.

Now here's the dilemma I have. Do we get the 3D printer now or later? Do we get the 3D printer and make a full system prototype where the printer is directly fed by the machine we create, or do we get it later after we've figured out how to work the machine and we've produced some filament.

Because once we know this all works, we can design a 3D printer that takes these plastic shards in the top and then simply prints with them without having to load filament, you literally load recycled plastic. The total is coming to <500 dollars. The good news is if we get the printer now, we can print parts that will help us build the prototype. And if the prototype goes well we can start something where we use the community's recycled plastic to make something. I don't know what yet. So maybe the three summer projects are:

(0) MIT Solar Car

(1) UROP - starting soon

(2) CHIP

(3) This Printer

Let's see if I can get this printer, if not it's OK we just make the prototype. After talking to mother she's says its OK and I can spend my money on something like this - justification to myself. I think it's worth it since if this works, maybe we can convince Marty Culpepper to help me make a recycling initiative on campus. The total comes to ~600 bucks which means that's a lot but if this project ends up saving the environment I think it's OK. If this works, we can start a community recycling initiative at least for the summer. Document it well, and then maybe take it to MIT.

In the meantime I think we'll work on CHIP.

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