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redoing our filament labs CURA theme [updates]

So in the last post what we did was basically re-do the design of Cura so it looks like Filament Labs. And here's what we came up with after some fiddling.

Now there are a few problems I have with this design. The first one being, that this design does not match the website and it also really doesn't match the aesthetic of Filament Lab's printers so we decided to re-think a little.

Now this is much better and the only thing we're left thinking about is the build plate and if we want to change the color of that to a more wood-like color and we want to see how that looks. Something like: https://encycolorpedia.com/d2b48c

Okay that, actually doesn't look half bad but I think we can't really see the grid so let's fix that or make it black but I want to try something else first.

You know that looks pretty good I just want to try the grid as a light grey or maybe even a darker grey would look fine but I think the brown grid isn't so great for me. Let's also add the tiniest bit of saturation to the plate.

Now that is a much more "tasteful" looking slicer. It combines the black and white theme from the Filament Labs websites but it adds that wood flavor for the products as well. This is the kind of slicer look we're going for something that represents the design of the product. Something nice and tasteful, elegant.

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