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scout build log updates 1/12/20 [updates]

So turns out, the ODrive motor controller aren't working for us. The system won't connect to any lab computer and we can't get them to be programmed. So we're replacing all of the ODrives with the Spark Max controllers that are built for the NEO motors. Buttttt... the problem is I cut the heads of the encoder wires and now have to replace them. So that's exactly what we are doing today. Replacing all 72 wires, crimping the heads, and placing them in the connector. We have to replace them according to the following diagram. So yea... let's start.

So I started cutting and crimping the wires for one motor. I also realized that like a complete idiot I cut the Z-index pulse wire and left it in the sleeve with NO connection. So we'll have to cut ALL the encoder signal wires from much closer to the motor. Maybe this is for the better because we may be able to mount the motor controllers closer to the motors now. Or we can jut get 6-pin extenders (if they exist). I'm trying to find the easiest way to do this. Maybe we'll just buy these and some of these. Make some extender cables when they arrive and be done with it. For now, cut all the motors at the original wire locations.

So actually we will get these and these because of no lead times.There's another 50 dollars (plus the 900 for the new Spark Max motor controllers, sad).

Even if we are getting 6-pin extenders, it's good to crimp all of the motor connection because this allows for more modular connections.

I'm also going to get some of this nylon sheathing for the wires so we can cable manage the legs so much easier.

Pictures to come when I actually get all these things in and they're connected.

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