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scout updates: adding some electrics, and mounting the Jetson [updates]

So this post probably won't be a day of me just sitting down and making things happen. I gotta get to solar car in a few minutes. But I'm going to start because a lot of small things need to happen and then we can go to programming the robot. The small things are things like mounting and wiring in the USB connections of the Jetson, and then starting to wire in any sensors that we may want to use. For now, I think we are going to start simply with the USB expansion hub and the Jetson power itself.

Now we're very simply just going to tape the usb hub to the case, NICELY, with double sided tape. This will let us take it off later if need be.

This looks surprisingly not bad. It sits, very accidentally, almost perfectly in the groove we made in the decorative panel on the controller. Very nice coincidence.

The next thing, however, is we can't really mount the controller anywhere but the center of the platform in the orientation shown below. That's because when we did the power wiring, we stuck the 12V - 19V converter that takes the power from the distribution panel and converts it to usable power for the Jetson on the right side of the robot, and we're unable to move the controller in any other orientation or location or the power wire won't reach. This isn't terrible, we were probably going to put the controller in this way anyways.

Now the controller is plugged into power, the USB hub is plugged into the Jetson board itself, and we even added a 64GB SD card in the SD slot as discussed in a previous post. We will create our code workspaces and everything on this SD card and run everything from there now that all the libraries are built natively on the Jetson device. All we need to do is run the orange USB cable from the first controller, Spark MAX CAN_ID=1 to the usb hub.

So here is the orange USB cable plugged in so we can start developing the software from tomorrow. We're also going to need to finally mount this Jetson board to the surface of the robot itself. We will do that when we figure out a good way of mounting it that doesn't involve large amounts of duct tape and zip-ties.

So turns out we DO have a pretty decent way of mounting this. It DOES involve zip ties but it will be okay for now. First we friction mount two of the plates we laser cut for the bottom sub frame, and shove them into the frame like this.

And after this, we will simply zip tie around these wood pieces through the controller.

Ta-da! It isn't the greatest mounting system, but it will do for now for testing purposes. We are all ready to get preliminary walking software started - first step CAN communications and etc.

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