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scout updates: attempting to get our robot, to stand WE ARE USING JAVA NOW [updates]

Okay so here is what we are going to do, in a nutshell. We are going to turn on the RoboRIO, and connect LabVIEW, create a new FRC project and all. And it will do one thing. It will send a Zero Velocity PID command to all of the motors, and then we will take the robot off its stand, and place it on the ground. We want to see this puppy stand on his own power. We will use battery power for this just because we aren't sure what the currents requires for this will be like (hopefully not too high). And we will measure the battery reading before and after. Before we start programming, for some reason we need to fix LabVIEW again. I hate LabVIEW, I would just love to point out to the National Instruments team if they could please make a software that works :) ! Yes. I'm salty.

Good, we've re-installed LabVIEW, AGAINNN, THIS IS THE THRID TIME. Installed LabVEIW, installed FRC Game Tools 2020 and the update suite, and then installed SparkMAX. Hopefully it all works this time... If it doesn't we're using Java.


Okay... so here's the deal. I've reinstalled and installed LabVIEW like 10 times at this point. I'm honestly fed up.

So here's what I'm gonna do tonight. I'm going to uninstall LabVIEW, install FRC Game tools, and JUST USE JAVA WITH SOMETHING BECAUSE YEA.

The good news is - I have the CODE version of WPILIB installed on my Mac. I can code this nonsense on my Mac. Deploy code from my Mac, and just test using the Driver Station on Windows.

Oh my god LabVIEW is trash. Time to re-download the SparkMAX SDK. Install like this: https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/docs/software/wpilib-overview/3rd-party-libraries.html

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