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scout updates: basic inverse kinematics in 2D for the leg model [updates]

Soooo, now it's finally time to start developing some conventions of the leg model like where to zero the legs and etc. And then we can start developing the kinematic model for it in two dimensions. Then after we develop the 2D model for it, we can move onto the 3D model.

We will likely do this one leg at at a time as the coordinate frame for the legs tend to change depending on what side they're on. But below is the math for the global inverse kinematic equations for the scout robot. No coordinate frame changes required. If you want to know how IK works, see the post on that.

These are the equations we will use for inverse kinematics to determine the theta angles required to make the robot walk. We will come up with a better control structure later and explain as well. But here's the math.

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