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scout updates: choosing a camera for the system [updates]

So we want to make this system as simple as possible in most aspects. Which means when choosing a sensor, we really want one sensor that will work for both obstacle detection/object recognition and SLAM/navigation as well. And we want it to be able to interface with ArduPilot. So this seems to be one of the very few times where there is a sensor that does everything we want it to!

For Navigation we want to be able to interface with ArduPilot: https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/ros-vio-tracking-camera.html

And we want to do object recognition as well but that simply involves taking inputs from the camera. So the camera that does all this is the Intel RealSense VIO Camera! VIO cameras stand for Visual Inertial tracking allowing for GPS-independent guidance and navigation for mobile robots. The best part? Intel RealSense is compatible with ROS!

We're going to go ahead and order one of these for about $200.

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