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scout updates: designing/making a case for our Jetson [updates]

Today I took a look at our Jetson board and he seemed a little sad. The reason he seemed a little sad is because he's kind of naked. What we want to do is design a really nice laser-cut case for our boi the Jetson board.

First we found this diagram of mounting holes. This will become super useful in designing the case itself in Fusion 360. This is where we will go first to design and cut the case. Step one is to get the holes right and using the above diagram, we make the following first drawing below.

That's honestly the most important part, the rest is simply design. We've laid out the holes and we're going to delete the guiding lines and just start drawing the base in then. We're now going to just make a simple base for the Jetson TX1 to sit on and voila.

Here's how the base will look like, we will cut FOUR or FIVE of these. Two upper and lower plates, and one top plate for design/decoration. Middle plates for support and structure. This is the style we are going for.

The plate we designed above is the structural plates. We're now going to design the decorative plate. Add some hexagons for a bit of a beehive theme, add the name of the robot in text across the side...

Now here's the finished decorative panel.

Now what we are going to do, is run, get some acrylic, and laser cut two of the decorative panels and three of the base panels. We will need clear and black acrylic or whatever we can find. Let's export these as DXFs and cut them on the nice cutter. We got 1/4" acrylic and 1/8" birch plywood because that's what the lab happened to have.

We laser cut the pieces, and went to look for standoffs for hardware and attaching all the thingies together. Decided to go with just a top and bottom plate, not three layers with a middle plate in the image we saw above. Honestly, the reason we took out the middle plate in the design is because we didn't have the right type of standoffs or long enough screws, but that's okay. That means this case will be slimmer than the other.

And very simply, we got 8 standoffs, screwed them together with #6-32 screws (black-oxide) and voila here we go... It also turns out that two of the standoffs don't quite fit. But that's okay because we can just sandwich the corners of the board. It works, it isn't great, but we will fix it in a later version!

Taddaaaaaaa... that's it, it was pretty simple. Just cut the pieces and find standoffs and screws that would work for the right size! Next we'll me mounting it to the robot, and actually setting it up for things like control.

I've uploaded the DXF files here: if anyone wants to make them! This is also a link to the entire Autodesk CAD project for this scout robot.

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