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scout updates: electronics bay design [updates]

What we want to do now, briefly, is take a moment to design an electronics bay for the scout robot. The bay will hold the motor controllers on the sides, the Jetson TX1 on the top, and the battery in the middle. We will start by laser cutting this system out of wood, and possibly do it out of a better material later. For now let's look at the space we have to work with...

First of all, the bottom panel must be 14" x 6" and the overall height must be less than 4", so those are out beginning constraints. Let's open Fusion 360 and see if we can get somewhere. We start by making the 14"x 6" base, we also want a compartment in the middle of the base 6" wide for the power distribution board and then the top area will be for the motor controllers and the Jetson.

Each motor controller needs about 4" of mounting surface, and we want to be able to see them and the wires going to them and to be able to access the ports on both sides, so let's mount these on a slant. The Jetson needs about 7" by 7".

Now we've started to add the supports for the Motor Controllers and the location for the Jetson TX1. Now we just want to add panels to actually hold the motor controllers and then supports for those panels.

And voila, we have a strange looking, but likely completely functional system to hold all of our electronics besides the actuators. The front and back ledges can hold the batteries, the lower tray can hold power distribution, the side angles trays hold the motor controllers, and the center slot holds the Jetson TX1!

We will laser cut this tomorrow and get it on the robot with the electronics!

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