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scout updates: finishing and organizing the motor wires [updates]

So for the next little while, we're going to spend out time stripping and crimping all the motor wires that need crimping and stripping. We just need to be careful because the encoders are already wired in so we need to connect the right motor to the right controller. Also, we're going to spend some time labeling the motor controllers and the motors with the appropriate "official actuator numbers" from 1-12. These will correspond to their CAN IDs. We may also wire up the CAN system.

wiring in the motors:

Let's start by wiring in the motors. We got 12 gauge crimp connects on amazon. These connectors get crimped and then heat-shrunk. Therefore we will need a heat gun and the connectors, a wire stripper, and some crimpers. This is as easy as strip the wires, and match the colors from the motor to the appropriate motor controller, crimp both ends, and then heat shrink the connector. We just need to do this for 36 wires!

STEP 1: Crimp the three motor wires between the motor and the appropriate motor controller.

STEP 2: Bunch up the wires of the motor and the encoder wires together. We want to be able to protect all of these wires, especially the encoder ones.

Step 3: Cover the system with wire sheathing, the 1" diameter sheathing will bundle the wires going to each motor/actuator and also protect them from dust, debris, rubbing, and etc.

This is what one leg looks like when done. Lot's more professional no? Much cleaner than leaving everything hanging out like last time!!!

We finish this for all the legs and the robot now looks like this:

wiring in the CAN bus:

To wire in the CAN Bus, we are looking at the online FRC instructions for this and it seems we need terminating resistors at the end of the CAN bus cables. We will need to look at the schematic to see exactly if we need to do this and how we would do this.

Okay this seems complicated... we will figure it out tomorrow.

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