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scout updates: fixing the actuators [updates]

In the last testing post, we determined actuator 9 and 10 needed some attention. Actuator 9 needed a motor encoder wiring replacement, and 10, we didn't know what was wrong. So we're going to start with actuator 9!

Alright, ta-da that was easy. Plugged in new encoder wire, plugged in RC transmitter, actuator 9 works. Hip-hip hooray. Now for actuator 10.

So we plugged in the actuator again, and observed it. Look at the video below. The Lights on the controller seem totally fine. There is no indication of encoder error, there's no indication of any wiring being an issue. The motor is turning and trying to turn. Which means I likely suspect mechanical error. I want to see if taking apart the actuator and just running the motor will allow us to attribute what's wrong. If it's wiring, we will know then too.

ACTUALLY: before I even do that - I'm going to try cutting and re-crimping the wires, I have a hunch that's the issue considering I can move the gearbox by hand. Taking apart the actuator will take a while.

Update: re-cimping the wires did NOT work - the same issue persists. The next most likely thing to do is check the encoder wires. The reason for this is because I doubt the issue is mechanical and that would take a while to solve. Maybe something is shorting out somewhere.

And we open the encoder wires up and voila... there's the problem. The connector was soldered on backwards!!!! :) Now we can cut, re-strip and solder on the connector again.

Two encoder issues we may have blown the encoder but we will have to re-solder to see.

HAHA YES PROBLEM SOLVED. Okay so two encoder problems - both wiring, and it seems the REV Encoders have reverse polarity protection :) YEET it all works!

Kinda embarrassing error - saved by reverse polarity protection.

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