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scout updates: general updates, to-do, plan of attack [updates]

So we've done a lot of things this month for the scout project. It's time to talk about some CONCRETE next steps.

first: overall goals

Our first overall goal before any autonomy is to get Scout walking and moving around with an X-Box controller by user command. This will allow us to start debugging his movements and write drivers for commanding his movements in ROS before we even get to autonomy.

The joystick will connect to the joy node in ROS, the joy node will publish joystick commands and this will be received by the commander node which will transform these into a desired rotational, forward, and translational velocity. The Scout-Actuation node will then take these and move the platform.

second: how we're going to achieve this

To get to this point, there's a lot we need to do first. We've been having some issues with CAN, communication, building libraries, and etc. So here's the plan of attack.

(1) Take the Jetson TX1, use a swap partition and build VS Code

(2) Follow the rest of the instructions to then install WPILIB and the Rev CANBridge software.

(3) Build CANBridge using the advice found online.

(4) Start using CANBridge & the WPILIB SparkMax Libraries to setup actuator position control for the SCOUT Actuators.

(5) Start commanding the actuators.

(6) Get on with the walking programming.

NOTE: Original plan was to do things ON THE MAC and then transfer to Jetson, but we're just going to use the Jetson from now on for the sake of having everything on there. When DONE, we will try to create an OS image of the Jetson we built so we can put it on other Jetsons, or at least a ROS package with instructions on how to build this package.

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