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scout updates: how we're going to approach programming scout [updates]

So I'm going to be honest. As far as my personal experience programming legged systems to understand where they are in an environment with all the degrees of freedom associated with this, I have no experience. I haven't done much inverse kinematics and besides a basic understanding of PID I have no background in controls.

However, this semester I'm taking both 2.12 and 6.302 which are Introduction to Robotics and Feedback Systems Control respectively. Introduction to robotics is a half mechanical half software course. The first half is about the mechanical design and analysis of robotic systems which includes the dynamics of these systems and the forward and inverse kinematics of how to mechanically understand and place these systems. We're going up to 3DoF which is perfect for legged robots where each leg is 3DoF. Then the second half of the semester we're focusing on robot control and intelligence so that include ML, AI, vision, controls and modeling. 6.302 will focus solely on feedback systems PID control and etc. Both of these classes have final project (the progress of which I will blog about) but 2.12 I believe will be the most useful in the scout project to help us really develop a robust walking and stabilization algorithm and 6.302 will give us a background for PID.

So what I'll likely do is as I learn things in 6.302 and 2.12 and I can apply them to the project (or not if I just find them interesting), I will post them here! Maybe I can use code I develop in those classes for the robot!

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