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scout updates: initial programming of the roborio [updates]

So the first step of getting the scout robot working is to get the motors working. To do so, we need to determine what kind of control we want to use (position or velocity), and then how to get the RoboRIO to interact with the Jetson TX1 through FRC Network Tables. Then what we will do is write a Python 2 program that sends motor commands from the Jetson to the RoboRIO and the RoboRIO simply executes them.

First however, we want to determine what the best method for controlling the robot is, is it PID Velocity Control or PID Position Control. We would prefer to use the PID Position Control algorithm but also note there is a 100:1 gearbox on the end of the NEO motors. But what we will do is take this system and test the PID Position Control on one of the leg joints and see where we get using LabVIEW.

one: pid position or velocity?

We're going to start here with the tutorial on creating a bench-test robot. This seems like the place to at least start with programming the RoboRIO. So let's open LabVIEW and create a RoboRIO project. So we start by naming it scout_CAN_Controller, which is accurate because the RIO is really only going to be the interface for the CAN Bus, it will not do any computation. The team number is 2020 and we choose COMMAND AND CONTROL not Arcade Drive. Read more here: https://forums.ni.com/t5/FIRST-Robotics-Competition/Command-and-Control-Tutorial/ta-p/3534946?profile.language=en

Command and control will allow us to define sub-routines in the CAN Controller. So it may allow us to do the "move left leg to this position" on the RIO itself and just the computations for where the legs need to be on the Jetson TX1. We will see what makes the most sense when we get to it.

So we got an Error about incorrectly installing LabVIEW, so we need to fix that first. I just re-ran the installer and uninstalled old stuff and reinstalled new stuff. It should download all the files we have not.

Also. Yes. LabVIEW. I know. I'm disappointed in myself too. I will come up with a justification. Eventually.

Okay... so far what we've done is installed LabVIEW, removed LabVIEW, uninstalled MATLAB to make more space for LabVIEW, and re-installed LabVIEW. Let's see if it actually, re-installs this time. Then we installed the SparkMAX API for LabVIEW.

Now that we finally have LabVIEW installed properly, we can actually use it starting from tomorrow, so that's what we will do. I'm too sleepy to continue for today.

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