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scout updates: more wiring !!!! [updates]

So today we're back to the old soldering problem. 72 wires to solder, three hours or so to do it. I guess we just get started oops. In other good news, the two other motor controllers came in and we're soldering those in as well, same way as before, no need to post pics of that it's in the last post. What we're really focusing on today is the encoder wiring. Today we need to extend some encoder wires (we crimped a few a few days ago for the ones that don't need extending).

If you remember, last time we decided to order some 6-pin female-female extension cables and some 6-pin male receptor ends. We will basically take the t-pin receptors and solder them to the motor encoder 6-wires in the correct order, and then plug in the female-female cable straight to the motor controller. Easy! And we can disassemble it if needed!

This is an image of the encoder port. Which means all we need to do is figure out how to solder the female connector to match! To do this, we just need to figure out which pin direction one of the wires goes in, and then solder the rest. If we look at the below image, the separated wire is the power wire, the 5v, so we now know which direction to solder the pins. Just match them to the above diagram.

Step one is to pre-solder the tips of the connector so its easier to get the wires on there. WE just add solder to the ends of the connector, and leave it there.

Okay we tried that, it didn't work. Let's just go get some helping hands from downstairs to hold the wires.

So that didn't work either. So what we are going to do is go back to crimping to hold the wires on, and then solder over the crimp connectors. Because that will be a lot faster and less of a pain with these smaller wires.

Now all we have to do, is do this for every single encoder wire. Here we go...

Okay so this is also not working. So what we will do is just cut and strip the blue extension cables and the encoder wires and carefully solder them into the correct wires. That's now the best plan I have. One at a time. Electrical tape around them. This is vaguely more tedious, but it's a lot better than before.

Ain't the prettiest, but certainly isn't the worst.

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