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scout updates: mounting the electronics once and for all. yes actually. [updates]

So today I finally came up with a decent way to mount the electronics systems that didn't make me sad after I did it. I walked into a makerspace today and found a bunch of 1/4" diameter aluminum rods that were super easy to cut and bend with pliers.

These rods are going to be used to make rails to hold things onto the robot/mount things to the robot with. The idea is the rods will serve as the lower or upper support for the electronics devices, and instead of listening to me struggle to explain my idea, I’ll just show you.

The RoboRIO the last time we mounted it was cantilevered from the end with just VHB tape. So the bar supports the RoboRIO from under, and the RIO is also taped to the bar. It now supports the RIO much better than the cantilever. We're going to do the same for mounting the IMU/Ardupilot and the Jetson TX1.

Now we add in cross support bars for the Ardupilot. The Ardupilot needs to be mounted roughly in the center of the robot laterally. I'm going to try to keep it centered long-ways but because of the RIO it looks like it won't happen.

The Ardupilot was mounted to the two bars, we measured the distance from each side of the robot so it was roughly centered. Make sure the arrow points to the front of the robot. Then I took the GPS and VBH'd it to the front bar of the frame so it's in an out-of-the-way location for the most part. We also wired it to the Ardupilot.

Now comes the difficult part, which is to mount the Jetson TX1 to the top of all of this. So what I'm planning is to get two of the bars and bend them to go over the structure and hang the Jetson from these bars.

So the bars go inside tube holes in the frame and are either friction mounted, or in the case of the bars that support the RIO and the Ardupilot they are bent at the ends so they don't slide out. Then we hang the Jetson TX1 from the bars using Gorilla Tape (which is better than normal duct tape if that's possible).

Now all the electronics are mostly on the frame! We just need to connect the Ethernet cable between the Jetson TX1 and the RoboRIO, the USB from the Ardupilot to the Jetson TX1. And when the RealSense shows up we need to mount it to the front of the robot and connect the USB to, you guessed it, the Jetson. Then we move into the software setup and stuff.

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