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scout updates: planning the first actions, xbox controller control [updates]

So the very first task we will get scout to do is move with an xbox controller. This post is very short and outlines the tasks we want the robot to do based on certain presses. These will then relate with our ability to control the robot.

If we take a look at the above diagram, we have all the controls we have access to with an xbox controller. Here is what each of them will do if we press them.


Joystick 10

Joystick 10 (Y) - Make robot walk forward and backward with proportional velocity

Joystick 10 (X) - Max robot turn clockwise and counterclockwise with proportional velocity

Joystick 1

Joystick 1 (Y) - Make robot raise and lower its height from the ground (increase or decrease does not snap back)***

Joystick 1 (X) - Move robot laterally with proportional velocity left and right

Pad 8

Pad 8 (Y) - Bow robot forward and backwards (increase or decrease does not snap back)***

Pad 8 (X) - Roll robot left and right (increase and decrease does not snap back)***

A,B, Y, X

A, B, Y, X - Special functions not yet assigned

***This means the if I push the up on joystick 1 and the robot increases its height from the ground, it will stay at that height when I release that joystick.

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