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scout updates: setting up the roborio [updates]

Soooo the RoboRIO showed up recently (and as we know this is the central communication node for our system). Today we're going to spend some time setting it up and maybe even writing some code examples to it and wiring it in before the semester really picks up (I'll start working on my classes from tomorrow hehe).

We have to first install FRC Game Tools on a Windows Laptop. So I broke out my Windows laptop and installed them with these instructions. Because we are not members of FRC, we just didn't activate the NI Vision: https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/docs/getting-started/getting-started-frc-control-system/frc-game-tools.html

Then we need to image the RoboRIO with the FRC suite. See the following link for imaging instructions: https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/docs/getting-started/getting-started-frc-control-system/imaging-your-roborio.html

Before starting, we connected the RoboRIO to the power supply, turned it up to 12V and wired it according to the online diagrams. All instructions are in FRC Control System 2020. When you turn the system on the Driver installs automatically and now we just launch the RoboRIO imaging tool. The system asked us to update the RoboRIO firmware to the latest version 6.0.0, and also it asks us to choose a team number. We chose the team number 2020 for the year. Then we imaged the RIO with the FRC control suite following the instructions online.

I'm also linking here now the instructions for writing and deploying robot code:





Quickly, I want to describe the next steps for this project. Besides wiring the RoboRIO into the system.The first steps are to figure out how to get the SparkMAX controllers communicating with the RoboRIO itself, and then how to get the RIO communicating with the Jetson TX1. For the first, we will go through the SparkMAX PID Position Control tutorials. For the second there are actually some white-papers written on this.



Yes, we shall start this once the RIO has been wired in! For now we will wait for that and then get on with the software side now that the RIO is imaged!

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