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scout updates: solving some power problems [updates]

So last post we figured out that we were having some power problems with the Jetson TX1. We don't know why it isn't turning on. Let's take a look because the first intuition says there isn't enough amperage in the system. Let's first try powering it on battery power! Turn on the battery and let's take a multimeter to the barrel jack connector.

So two individual multimeters showed the barrel jack at 0V while all the motor controllers are getting 12V clearly because they are ON. let's take a look at the wiring of the jack itself. Now what we are going to do is take out the 12V/19V converter, power it separately and see where we get.

Okay so we took it out, hooked it up to a power supply, and read it using a multimeter. It ended up at 19V. This means the converter works but isn't getting 12V. Unclear as to how that is possible at the moment. Let's see what we can do.

What if we try powering it with a third LiPo? A 3s Lipo? We plug in the 3s LiPo and voila the Jetson TX1 turns on. Fully functional, even powering the touchscreen display. So what's the problem. The adapter must not be getting 12V. Maybe it was a faulty port? We can try switching the port we plugged the thing into.

Okay so plugging the system into a different port allowed 19V to flow through the system. What this tells me is the port we were powering the thing from was messed up. Let's re-mount everything now.

The things we now have to re-mount are the Jetson TX1 board, and the power supply. At the moment I can't leave my dorm to get the stuff to mount them, so for now they'll stay as-is.

THIS TIME, we are going to go to the maker-space and re-mount everything properly so it can be EASILY taken off and usefully.


Worst-case scenario if we cannot get the CANBridge working, then we might just borrow a Roborio and get it working that way. We can set it up with the FRC control system and get the Jetson to be a companion computer. The roborio would act like the Arduino in the original plan. We might just do this because of the uselessness of FRC CAN.

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