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scout updates: testing the motor controllers [updates]

Tooodaaayyyy on Adi almost blows up his room. We're going to test each motor controller on the scout robot. We're going to test using my favorite technique of testing motors connected to motor controllers - no coding just give them a straight PWM signal for a Radio Control Transmitter.

So first we hook up a power supply to the Flyski iA6B receiver give it 5V and we turn on the transmitter to connect the two up. I went ahead and unplugged ALL the CAN cables so nothing interferes with us trying to control motors over PWM. Now we are going to go motor-by-motor and test the reactions of each leg. We're going to get three PWM cables and plug them in at once to test the whole leg at the same time.

Channel 1 - which is the right/left stick on the right, will be hooked to the rotational joint

Channel 2 - which is the elevator will be hooked to the shoulder joint

Channel 3 - which is the throttle, will be hooked to the knee joint

And let's go! We're doing this for ALL of the legs.

The only issue is we will have to mechanically look at actuator number 9 - because it doesn't seem to be moving the leg as it turns. We will open up and lube the gearbox and make sure everything is okay - not yet though, let's first check the motor controller.


(Actuator number 9 and motor controller number 9):


Yes, as you can see, the issue with actuator 9 is the ENCODER. Sure enough if we look at the wires, we didn't do such a great job crimping, the wires are really stretching. So we will RE-WIRE the encoder of actuator 9. This is why we check! We will leave 9 unplugged for now.

(Actuator 10 is also having some issues):

- I don't think these issues are mechanical, I felt the actuator and it seems fine.

- My assumption is it's a motor controller, motor, or connection issue.

- It doesn't seem to be an encoder issue, there's no indication the encoder wires are wrong or similar.

- So far it says it's getting a valid signal. We will go through the wiring, check for shorts and etc. We do NOT have a Solution for this issue yet.

- The motor is actuating I can hear it trying to move, I can see the lights on the motor controller as valid forward and backward signals. We will check two things.

FIRST, we will check the wiring to the motor, it could have come un-done. Then we will check the mechanical interior of the actuator itself. It could be a mechanical issue.

The rest of the actuators seem to be doing OK!

Since this issue is going to take some time to debug and solve. We will do both of these things at a later time (probably tomorrow morning). We will fix Actuator 9's encoder issue and see if that solves the problem. And we will debug Actuator 10.

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